We Could Not Save Lives Without Our Donors!

Individuals, like yourself, whether you're a member of a local church, organization, or business, and God Almighty's providential leading are the main reasons our doors are open today. The Eastern Pregnancy Information Clinic (EPIC) opened it's first location in New Bern, North Carolina in 1991. On May 8th, 2001 thanks to many compassionate people, a second location was opened in Kinston, NC. Through the years we have had several executive directors, staff, and volunteers, but what remains the same is our reason for being--our mission: As a Christian ministry, the EPIC Center is dedicated to promoting a healthy life-affirming response to unexpected pregnancies, sexual integrity decisions, and past abortion experiences. Our Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers are all very passionate about saving innocent lives in their most vulnerable and sacred state, at their genesis. We are all very passionate about compassionate care and support for women who find themselves contemplating a decision between carrying their pregnancy... or terminating it. If you feel in your heart a passion such as ours as well as all who support what the EPIC Centers do, consider exploring this page, to find out how you can help. Remember, we could not accomplish what we do without individuals like you!

Join Our Baby Bottle Campaign!

We would like to invite your church or organization to help support the work we do by participating in our Baby Bottle Campaign. We recommend starting your campaign on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, which is usually the third Sunday in January or on Mother's Day, returning the bottles on Father's Day. Here’s how it works:

  1. Let us know how many participants you’ll have (in increments of 25)
  2. Pick up our baby bottles from your nearest center
  3. Distribute them to your members, volunteers, or staff to be filled with their pocket change
  4. Drop the bottles off at the center you picked them up from after 4-6 weeks

It’s that simple! The Baby Bottle campaign helps us keep our “Learn as You Earn” program going, so that mothers and fathers in need can have those needs met, and so that those facing the choice to undergo an abortion, may be met with the compassion of Christ; and as a result desire to choose life for the child in their womb. We hope that you choose to become a part of this important work!

New Bern Location

The EPIC Center

1505 South Glenburnie Road, Suite O

New Bern, NC 28562

Email: theepiccenter@easternpregnancy.net

Telephone: 252.638.4673

Kinston Location

The EPIC Center

304 North Queen Street

New Bern, NC 28501

Email: theepiccenter@easternpregnancy.net

Telephone: 252.523.9516

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More About What's Happening At Your Center...

Nationwide PRC Support Means BIG Impact In Your Backyard!

The numbers are in, and local pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) like EPIC are collectively making a difference everywhere! Cities and towns are being effected and minds are being changed. As a CareNet affiliate, the EPIC Center is apart of a nationwide effort to make abortion an undesirable option for young mothers to choose as their pregnancy outcome...

Got Baby Items? Find Out What We Can Take!

To donate goods call your nearest center to let us know you’re coming! Download our Baby Item Needs List to check out everything we accept. Remember! We can not do the work we do without caring donors like you.

"As Christians, we are called to make disciples for Jesus Christ" - CareNet. The church is where real discipleship happens, as it should. The body of Christ has the bandwidth and the purpose to grow into life long relationships with the women and men who come to the EPIC Center for help.  To care for our clients well, we need to connect them to a local church.

Mentorship: Help A Father Become A Dad

For every young woman who comes through our doors seeking aid with her pregnancy decision, there's a young man facing fatherhood and all that comes with it. We need fatherhood class facilitators! We see a great need for father-mentors (older fathers who mentor younger fathers) in the communities we serve. If you can help, please call us today! We need you.


Baby Watch!

Call us: 252.638.4673

Call us: 252.523.9516

Eastern Pregnancy Information Clinic (EPIC) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. We are sustained by charitable, tax-deductible donations from the communities we serve, including individuals, private organizations, businesses, and churches. We are a L.I.F.E. affirming facility (Loving Individuals For Eternity) that offers compassionate non-judgmental care and we are affiliated with the following organizations:

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