Earn While You Learn!

We employ an EARN WHILE YOU LEARN (EWYL) based approach to all of our education programs. This means that every time you show up for a class, you get “Baby Bucks” to spend in our Baby Boutique. Providing useful knowledge and aid to those facing crisis pregnancies is a vital part of our mission. By teaching the skills a young woman needs along with supplying items that can help her become a successful mother, we believe we are doing the right thing and embodying the Christ-likeness intended to be displayed by all Christians. By taking our classes you’ll get a chance to build friendships with other mommies like you! You’ll also learn real skills that will help you live well and creates bonds with our volunteers who know how to love you well. 

A Hand Up...

EPIC seeks to provide our clients with a hand up not a mere hand out. Instead of giving away items to anyone who asks, the EWYL program allows the client to “earn” the items through learning how to be a better parent. This method gives greater value to the items given away specifically because of the knowledge gained, which will ultimately equip our clients to be more responsible, able mothers and fathers to their children. The women who come through our doors have reported finding that they learn a lot by coming to classes and that they can see how their parenting had improved.

How It Works...

BABY BUCKS. Each week, clients view a video and discuss it with the class facilitator. Directly after the class period, clients receive “Baby Bucks” to save or spend however they want in our Baby Boutique.

The BABY BOUTIQUE. The boutique is normally stocked with donations of diapers, clothes for the baby, cribs, new car seats and much more. Many moms save their “bucks” until they know what they’re having and may even bring their husbands or boyfriends with them to learn and earn even more “bucks” to spend!

Why It Works...

We have adopted the EWYL method because by doing so we are able to engage our community in two ways: We are able to engage with those who need help, as well as with those who want to help. By employing the EWYL program, we empower both client and volunteer coming through the doors of our centers. The volunteers are able to create relationships, impart wisdom, provide for needs, and make a lifelong impact on our clients. This success in the volunteer/client relationship creates volunteers who know that their participation is important and understand that they are making a difference in the lives of men and women in our community.

Why It's Important

Most clients see a scary road ahead when trying to decide whether or not to carry their child. Some face subtle threats from a boyfriend and worries of inadequacy. This creates serious worries, doubts and fear concerning the future.

The classes clients take here give answers to those fears. The “I can’t be a mother” can be answered with, “We can help you learn how” and the “I can’t make it alone” can lead to a response of, “We will be here to help you.” EWYL pregnancy education program provides the tools that our young mothers know they need. It affirms them in their choice to carry, because they begin to see a possible road forward.


Information taken from EWYL website.

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