Diaper GIVEAWAY!!!

Florence has been rough on us all. Here's how we'd like to help.

The centers are giving away diapers for those affected by recent hurricane Florence. We understand how stressful the storm could have made things. Some of us sustained some damage to our personal property as well, but our kids are grown! If you have little ones running around, then let us help by offering you FREE diapers sizes 1-4, wipes, and formula. Every little bit helps. Our Kinston location will be giving these items out this Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-5pm. EPIC New Bern will be giving these items out through this Thursday. Please spread the word!


We also offer Pre-Natal and Parenting classes Tuesday through Thursday. Come learn cool tips and tricks on how to get your kid to stop crying and go to sleep! Would you like to breastfeed? We've got a class for that! Is your kid fighting the potty training journey tooth and nail? We've got a class for that! In fact we've got a class for just about anything you can think of for you to become the best mommy or daddy you can possibly be, even if you have had an abortion. Join other women striving to be the best they can be for their kids. Call us today!


... Remember, we're here for you!

Call or text us: 252.638.4673

Call or text us: 252.523.9516

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