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Monica Gibbs

When I accepted my position with EPIC I thought that I was coming to work as an assistant and office manager. Although I understood the mission and values of the organization, I didn’t know that there was so much more that I would experience here. Shortly after working and maybe even during my interview I learned that as a twice post-abortive woman, I would be required to go through the P.A.C.E. class which stands for Post Abortive Counseling and Education.  Then I learned that I would later be teaching the class for the New Bern Center, and next I learned that I would be sharing my testimony at this year’s banquet! I had already told the Lord no—I would not share my story because I didn’t really think I was strong enough to be that vulnerable. Well… I was wrong. Through working here and feeling un-judged I quickly learned that not only is EPIC a place that serves women in need of resources concerning crisis pregnancies, but it is also a place of healing. I have just finished the P.A.C.E. class recently and I am so thankful that it was made available to me. I hope that any post abortive mom reading this will consider. I no longer have to live in guilt or shame of my past. I can now move forward and not only share my story but help other women heal. Every day I thank the Lord for allowing me to journey this way!!!


 -       Monica Gibbs

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