Abortion is regulated in all U.S. states, which often includes the licensing requirements of providers, restrictions on late-term abortion, and parental consent mandates. North Carolina abortion laws are relatively restrictive, requiring the written consent of parents or guardians, banning abortion after 20 weeks (except to save the life or health of the mother), and the requirements of receiving an ultrasound and that abortion providers be licensed medical doctors. Your EPIC Centers offer free ultrasound services on a limited basis. Make an appointment today to find out if you qualify. It is, by law, the first step to getting an abortion in North Carolina.

  • Illegal Abortions

Although North Carolina abortion laws can be restrictive, the definition of an illegal abortion is relatively straightforward. Abortions are illegal by definition if a doctor or other person gives the mother any instrument or substance with the intent to give the mother a miscarriage.

  • Time Limit for an Abortion

Like many other states, North Carolina puts a time limit on when a mother can have an abortion. In North Carolina, the time limit is twenty weeks. This is about the middle of the second trimester of pregnancy. One of the purposes for having a time limit on the abortion is because the longer a mother waits to have an abortion, the higher the risk that the abortion will risk injury to her.

  • Who may perform abortions?

In North Carolina, only a licensed M.D., a doctor or physician, may perform an abortion in a hospital or clinic that has a license to perform abortions. This is to ensure that the abortion is as safe as possible for the mother, and to ensure that medical facilities are immediately available if the abortion puts the mother in danger.

  • Consent Requirements

For mothers under the age of eighteen, written parental consent is required to have an abortion. However, there is an exception to the consent requirement if the abortion is medically necessary, or if a judge grants a waiver to the parental consent requirement. Judges often grant parental consent waivers when telling a young woman's parents about her pregnancy or desire to get an abortion may put the young mother in danger.


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Before You Decide: Abortion or Baby, this short animated video, presents the facts about abortion and it's various methods in a non-graphic, medically accurate manner, and addresses the most common questions about pregnancy choices.

WARNING: While it isn't graphic, animations of abortion procedures may be disturbing to some.


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