Is Adoption A Good Choice For You?

You may be feeling pretty scared and confused right now. You're pregnant... What do you do? There are so many questions and you may not be sure where to turn for honest answers. We're hoping you'll find the information you're searching for right here. So, what do you need to know in order to decide if adoption is the best choice for you and your baby? Here is a bit of information about your adoption options.

Using Wisdom: Choosing Adoption

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Adoption Options

In an "open" adoption you and the adoptive family, which you get to choose, share information openly. You may decide to meet and get to know one another. In many cases birth parents stay in touch with the adoptive family through letters, pictures, and possibly even phone calls or visits. The bottom line is your baby will grow up knowing who you are.

In a partially, sometimes called "semi-open," adoption your baby will have the opportunity to know and learn about you and what you did for them. You can choose the type of family your child grows up in, but usually all communication is done through the adoption agency or lawyer. A formal communication agreement is typically drawn up between you and the adoptive family.

In a confidential or "closed" adoption you will not be able to stay in touch with the adoptive family, which will be chosen by the adoption agency or lawyer of your choice. Any health or social information given to the adoptive family for the benefit of your baby remains "non-identifying." Meaning no one will be able to use it to find out who you are or where you live. 

Female Empowerment: Making A Fully-Informed Decision

Making a plan for your child is a major life decision, whether it is a plan to parent or to place for adoption. An expectant parent is wise to consider all her alternatives, even those you hadn't thought of or never considered. We are here to help you make a no-pressure, fully-informed decision so that you know you are making the best choice possible at this point in your life. Adoption tends to be a choice that birth moms don't consider for one reason or another. There are various negative connotations surrounding this option, like the idea that you may not want anyone else to raise your child because no one else will love your child like you or perhaps you're thinking that your pregnancy is your "problem" and you'd rather not "pass your problem off to someone else." We understand these feelings. In fact, they are very real, but they may not be entirely true. We call these negative connotations Adoption Myths. Check out the video below to learn a bit more! 

Changing Perceptions: Adoption Myths Explained

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Why would someone else want to adopt my child?

Meet the Tavares Family!

They live right here in our community. This local family decided to adopt BEFORE they even got married! We wanted to invite them to share their story with you, so check out the video below. Birth moms need not be in the dark about what couples longing to adopt are like. As a matter of fact, they are normal people just like you.

Need More Information?

The EPIC Center has relationships with three state adoption agencies. This means we know them and we trust that they will take care of you as you search for answers about adoption. They are as follows:

We also took the time to create an FAQ card for you to take with you so that you wont forget to ask those important questions that every birth mom considering adoption should know!

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